James Bevan
Weapon specialist and conflict analyst
James Bevan

Federation of American Scientists - Arms Sales Monitoring
A comprehensive source of information on the arms trade, US arms export policies and the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.

International Crisis Group
Monitoring, reporting and analysis of armed conflict, with over 80 members of staff reporting from five continents.

International Institute for Strategic Studies
A leading think tank addressing all aspects of international security. Also the publisher of the Military Balance series and the Armed Conflict Database.

Small Arms Survey

The foremost small arms research institute, specializing in research and policy support on all aspects of the small arms and light weapons issue and the impacts of armed violence.

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
Coordinating issues related to non-proliferation and disarmament, notably in the area of conventional weapons.

United Nations Sanctions Committees
A wealth of arms-related information submitted by Groups of Experts mandated to investigate various sanctions regimes.

United Nations Register of Conventional Arms
A reporting mechanism and database of conventional arms transfers reported to the United Nations from 1992.